Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Bespoke training options for your business - Lost Gardens of Heligan

Heligan, family owned for more than 400 years, is one of the most mysterious estates in England. After decades of neglect, the gardens were bought back to life. The award winning garden restoration is internationally acclaimed; but now extends into well over 300 acres of wider estate, leaving the project far from complete. Heligan staff aims for the estate to remain a living and working example of the best of past practice, offering public access into the heart of what they do.

What were the business issues or challenges that were addressed by engaging in training?
After 16 years of the continuous successful senior management leadership, it was recognised that the business needed to go through a significant change in both style and direction. Heligan’s management recognised that this change was a priority with the need to implement training methods and styles to ensure that the outcome would be the skills and knowledge necessary. The focus for Heligan’s employees was to gain a clear understanding of their business objectives, who had ownership, and whose responsibility it was so that everyone were able to successfully move forward as a team.

The training undertook:
Working with Cornwall College Business, a bespoke training programme was developed for Heligan’s supervisors and managers. Each staff member undertook Leadership and Management training at a level most suitable to them through either a certificate or apprenticeship route.

What impact and benefits has the training had on the company?
The training has supported Heligan’s staff through a time of change. They now all have an understanding of what the business objectives are and what they are all working towards. It has given them the confidence to express their views and provided insight into the various styles of leadership to achieve their goals.

“The Lost Gardens of Heligan after many years of the same directorship has recently undergone significant structural change; to assist in this process we employed CCB to rollout a bespoke training programme. We wanted to re-enforce in all managers and supervisors, the lost arts of delivering a highly focused task driven workforce fit for the 21st century. It was wonderful to witness, the growing sense of confidence in all participants the longer the training went on. They felt better able to cope with the change and hungry for empowerment.”

George Elworthy, Managing Director, The Lost Gardens of Heligan


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