Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Construction, Trowel and Carpentry Apprenticeships

Level Construction is one of Cornwall’s finest quality builders. They offer project management service including planning, organisation and direction of resources. Green and sustainable building is something Level Construction champions creating structures and using processes that are environmentally responsible and resource efficient is the future of construction.

What were the business issues or challenges that have been addresses through apprenticeships?
Finding the right workforce is key to the success of any business. Level Construction aims to have a skilled workforce to ensure they deliver high quality work to stand out from their competitors. By taking on apprentice’s and supporting them through their programmes Level Construction knows they have a workforce that will deliver quality as they have helped develop their skills to fit their businesses requirements.

The training undertook:
Daniel has been employing apprentices since 2010 and supports them through Site Carpentry or Trowel apprenticeship programmes.

What’s the impact and benefits of having apprentices within the company?
The benefits of taking on apprentices for Level Construction included having an understanding of their capabilities, developing their skills in new techniques as well as traditions methods. Over all developing a workforce that has pride in their work and who work towards a common goal.

“The great thing about apprenticeships is that they give you the opportunity to educate your workforce towards a common goal. They enable you to teach them the relevant skills, knowledge and values. As a result your workforce will produce higher standards of work your business demands to be competitive.”

Daniel Lees, Managing Director


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