Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Plumbing Apprenticeships in Cornwall

Sadler & Bourne are a small Plumbing, Heating and Renewable energy specialist and have been operating since 2009. The directors Carl Sadler-Hughes and Jason Bourne started the company after working together for nearly eight years for a larger company. They specialise in high end new build plumbing, heating and renewable energy system design, specification and installation. They work with their clients to tailor their plumbing and heating systems to their needs, while at the same time making sure the systems they design are efficient and to building regulation standards. Their business consists of 4 qualified plumbers (One previous apprentice) and 1 current apprentice.

What were the businesses issues/challenges to take on apprentices?
Their business and reputation was growing and with increased workloads, they didn’t want to let customers down, so they employed a qualified installer. Unfortunately this installer was not able to meet their working standards. This is when they decided to take on apprentices who they could train to think and work, like them with the same finesse, while providing the same quality of customer service.

Their apprentices:
Sadler and Bourne took on two Plumbing Apprentices working at Level 2 and 3.

What impacts and benefits has the apprentice had on the company?
Their apprentices make a huge impact on their business every day. They have trained them both to think and work to the standards of Sadler & Bourne and have the business’s best interests at heart. This means they have been able to grow their business knowing that their apprentices can turn up at a job and run it like they would. Having this much confidence in their apprentices the directors of Sadler & Bourne said that they wouldn’t hesitate to take on another apprentice in the future.
 “The service provided by CCB was great, site visits are always planned and on time which is important to us. Taking on apprentices has helped our business grow and be able to provide a better and greater quality of work to our customers.” Jay Bourne - Director, Sadler & Bourne Ltd.


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