Wednesday, 1 February 2017

IT Apprenticeships in Cornwall

n-Coders provide bespoke software development and server support, they work on a wide range of projects from business applications to electronics for toy products. They aim to be the first choice supplier for software and server support for businesses in Cornwall.

What were the businesses issues/challenges to undertake training? 
n-Coders wanted to inject new skills into the business to increase their capacity to develop bespoke applications and provide better customer service support.

The training undertook:
n-Coders took on Adam, an IT Apprenticeship with The Cornwall College Group where he trains towards gaining Cisco and Windows certification. He is learning a lot from the courses and he has certainly become an expert in the areas of networking, server support and internet security.

What impacts and benefits has the training had on the company?Having Adam has enabled them take on a much wider range of projects and provide much better server support to their customers. Adam has also been working on some bespoke software tools that allow them all to work more efficiently both in managing software projects and server support.

“The £1,500 Apprenticeship Grant for Employers was really helpful towards Adams training. His new skills have enabled us to take on a much wider range of projects and provide much better server support to our customers. I have been actively working with The Cornwall College Group to be able to take on more apprentices and have high hopes now I know what to expect.”
Mark Jennings, Managing Director at N-Coders


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