Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Retail Training Programme for South West Business

HBH Woolacotts is a medium sized family run business that owns and operates 10 electrical retail outlets across the South West and employs in excess of 120 people. Founded in 1976, HBH Woolacotts opened their first 2 branches in Bude and Launceston. Since then the company has grown. Core to the company’s success is the focus on customer service.

Over the last 12 months HBH Woolacotts have undertaken a 6 month retail training programme specifically tailored to the needs of the company.

Cornwall College Business delivered an NVQ, for which the units were carefully selected in order to best support the sales and visual merchandising training.

Most significantly however, we have employed a Training & Development Manager. The aim of this new role is to create, manage and deliver training within the business, the long term aim being that all training will be managed in house so that it can be delivered in line with the company ethos and high standards. 

Training with CCB: 
A retail based NVQ. The units for the NVQ were carefully selected to closely match the other elements of the programme so that the training was reinforced by the qualification. The training programme was received well at all levels of the company.  Throughout the 6 months, everyone engaged actively with the content of the course and embraced the new ideas with open arms.

“The past six months have been fantastic. All those involved in the training have the experience and it definitely proved to be worthwhile.”

Chris Hemmerle, Director, HBH Woolacotts


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