Wednesday, 1 February 2017

CMI Management & Leadership Training for your Business

Rosemullion Veterinary Centre is based in Falmouth, Helston and Penryn. The Falmouth branch is a fully equipped Veterinary Hospital, the Helston branch is a large purpose-built branch surgery and their newest surgery in Penryn is a dedicated small animal surgery.

What were the business issues or challenges that were addressed by engaging in training?
When Stuart first joined the company as practice manager he found it difficult to work with two key members of the management team. All three agreed on the objectives to move the business forward, however communication amongst them was not as good as it was hoped. An element of Stuart’s role was to become involved in a new project, to plan and implement the building of a new purpose built veterinary hospital. Stuart had not been involved in a project of this magnitude before and was therefore, understandably nervous. Part of the reason for Stuart attending the course was to give him more confidence in his ability and so that he could also face the challenges such a project would bring.

The training undertook:
Stuart undertook the Management & Leadership Diploma Level 5 CMI which was part funded through the ESF Convergence Project delivered by Cornwall College Business.

What impact and benefits has the training had on the company?
Stuart has been managing staff in his own way for some time. By formalising his training it has given him confidence that he isn’t “just making it all up as he goes along” there is sound proven business logic behind what he was already doing. Part of the course encouraged Stuart to look at his management style and the personalities around him. This provided Stuart with the insight to change the way the management team interacted with each other and now they are working well together.

“The trainers were supportive and encouraging and the work was at times testing. Whilst there is a certain amount of theory, it was the practical application that benefited my work. For me it most importantly gave me the confidence to make the changes that I needed to make to become a more effective manager.”

Stuart Saunders, Practice Manager - Rosemullion Veterinary Centre


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