Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Training Options for All - Level 2 to 6 Diploma

Mill Hill Quarries Ltd. was established in 1959 and operates two slate quarries in Devon and Cornwall – Mill Hill Quarry in Tavistock and Trevillett Quarry near Tintagel. These quarries produce roofing slate, building stone, paving, tiles and aggregates. The quarries extract slate from the Devonian period, making the slate approximately 350 million years old.

What were the business issues or challenges that were addressed by engaging in training?
The main issue was the potential disruption to a small business like theirs, they couldn’t afford to have personnel offsite for any length of time even in low numbers. CCB assessors of who have quarry industry experience come into the workplace to work with them to minimise any disruption to their production.
Another important consideration for them as a small business was the cost of providing training for all their staff. CCB identified funding which helped soften the financial burden, which was especially important as trading had been difficult for them over the last three years as with all other businesses in the quarrying sector.

The training they undertook.
All their staff have completed Processing Operations or Plant Operations NVQ Level 2 depending on their individual job roles. The Quarry Managers have successfully completed the Health, Safety and Environmental Management for the Extractives and Mineral Processing Industries Diploma MPQC Level 4 and the Managing Director has also completed the Level 6 Diploma.

What impact and benefits has the training had on the company?
The training programme has improved morale amongst their workforce; people see that the Company is investing in them to give them a transferrable qualification which makes them feel more valued as employees. It has also proved something of a team building exercise as they usually have 3 to 4 staff training at any one time, so there is a feeling of “all being in it together” they are also able to discuss health and safety issues amongst themselves.

“The training undertaken with CCB is an MPQC qualification which is industry recognised and will help us to demonstrate the competence of our workforce, which is a legal requirement of the Quarries Regulations 1999.We have received nothing but a helpful and friendly service from CCB, they are willing to work around us and are good at maintaining contact.”

Mandy Hopkins, Managing Director


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