Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Marine Engineering Apprenticeship Training in Cornwall

A&P Falmouth Ltd is part of the A&P Group which employs over 300 people and operates seven dry docks across three strategic locations in the UK. The company also includes a business in Australia, which provides ship repair services and support to the Royal Australian Navy. Falmouth Docks have played a major role in the ship repair industry for over 155 years with A&P Falmouth Ltd offering onsite engineering, electrical, paint and fabrication workshops to provide a complete range of marine repair services to their customers.

What were the businesses issues/challenges to undertake training?
The A&P Group is committed to employing apprentices and has seen over 120 recruited across numerous trade disciplines since 1990. The company’s biggest concern is regarding apprentice retention and wanting to see more of an investment in the company’s future. Research has shown that only 30% of the apprentices recruited in the last 25 years are still with the company.

The training they undertook:
A&P take on numerous apprentices in Marine Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Steel & Pipe Farbrication.

What impacts and benefits has the training had on the company?
Employing apprentices and training them on site means that the unique set of high level skills required to work in the industry is learned and honed in the shipyard. The A&P Group is investing in the next generation so that they can continue to be at the forefront of marine engineering to support commercial and military fleets worldwide.

With many options available to apprentices on completion of their training, 72% of A&P Falmouth Ltd. management, supervisors and technical staff started out on an apprenticeship programme.
By working closely with The Cornwall College Group, A&P have been able to recruit apprentices from students already attending the college on various courses, making the start of the process quicker and more efficient.

“We strongly believe that continuing to invest in apprenticeships is the future for our shipyard, an apprentice brings raw potential into our industry. We have worked closely with TCCG for many years, and look forward to continuing our relationship with them in the future.”
 Paul Kneebone, HR & Development Manager, A&P Group


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