Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Pendennis Apprenticeship Scheme

Pendennis is a world-class and award winning Custom Build and Refit superyacht yard in Falmouth, UK, specialising in luxury sail and motor yachts 30-100m. Pendennis have been operating a successful apprenticeship scheme for the last 18 years.

What were the businesses issues/challenges to undertake training or take on apprentices?
The Pendennis Apprenticeship Scheme, which is a nationally recognised and awarding winning scheme, has trained over 200 young men and women in the key industry trades over the past 18 years.  The vision behind the scheme came from the Directors, and it was that the shipyard became more self-reliant on the skills needed with home grown talent to deliver the quality product that Pendennis has become synonymous for.  Another big driving factor behind the scheme, which the yard worked tirelessly to promote, was affording opportunities to young local people.  Apprentices at Pendennis get a fantastic career pathway set out in front of them with the chance to grow and develop with the business.  Progression is a key part of the business strategy at Pendennis, with apprentices often moving into senior positions having learned their trade with the company.  By taking on young people from the local community Pendennis has clearly identified a way for their apprentices to contribute to the local economy as well as the business. Another key driver behind the implementation of such a comprehensive apprenticeship scheme has been continued improvement for the business. 

The training undertaken:
The high quality nature of the business requires highly skilled people with a wider appreciation of the service to the customer and their requirements. The Pendennis Apprenticeship Scheme started in 1998 with The Cornwall College Group in its first basic format and has evolved into a specialised bespoke programme as a continued partnership ever since. In August 2016 Pendennis reached a fantastic landmark in employing their 200th apprentice since the apprenticeship scheme began back in 1998, which is an incredible achievement that really underlines the commitment to training and providing opportunities for young people that Pendennis embodies.

What impacts and benefits has the training had on the company?
Over the past 18 years that Pendennis has been operating their apprenticeship scheme, over 95% of apprentices have been offered full-time employment at Pendennis upon graduation.  17.5% of the management team are ex-apprentices responsible for key areas with the shipyard. The amount of skills that have to be out-sourced has been reduced from 75% in 2005 to almost 10% currently and that has only been achievable due to the commitment to employing apprentices from the local community. Now 35% of the workforce is aged less than 30 years old compared to 29% back in 1998 which will help sustain the business for the future.

We have over 100 apprenticeships available.

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