Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Cookery Apprenticeship in Cornwall

Wesley Ashwell, 19 years old, is currently training for a Level 2 Professional Cookery Apprenticeship at the Michelin listed Globe Restaurant with Rooms in Fowey. Having initially started as a kitchen porter, Wesley asked if could be trained in the kitchen on an apprenticeship. After six months the Second Chef position became available and Wesley was supported through intense training to develop the skills to fill the role.

When the establishment opened in April 2015, Wesley was a shy, quiet individual. Since starting his apprenticeship he has grown in confidence and works calmly under pressure, has immense attention to detail and a natural ability to match flavour and ingredients. It was because of these traits that helped him gain the award for Apprentice of the Year (19+ year old) at The Excellence in Business Training Awards 2017, hosted by CCB.

Tony Goodman, Owner of The Globe Restaurant, commented; “Since starting his apprenticeship it has been a pleasure to watch his confidence grow and his personality shine through.  He has never become conceited or over confident despite the praise which has been rightly heaped on him by myself but has a confidence in his own abilities that enables him to approach any situation without fear.”

Working under Glynn Wellington, Head Chef at The Globe, Wesley has perfected shellfish dishes and is now trained to cook the main dishes for the restaurant, Tony explained; “this meant that Wes was able to fly through his remaining criteria in his apprenticeship and in 30 years we have never seen anyone learn so quickly and become so competent in such a short space of time.”

Having excelled in all areas of the kitchen Wesley has also been given the responsibility to help train another younger apprentice at The Globe, as well as carrying out his duties to a high standard. The pressure is never too much for the young chef and during one of the restaurants busiest day he proved that he could take on the challenge and impressed his employers. 

Tony said; “On Carnival Day in Fowey he had sole charge of the kitchen…on that day we had more covers and took more money than any day in the history of the business.”

Wesley is a valued, respected and vital member of the kitchen team and the entire business, he has learnt his trade so quickly that the Owner can now concentrate on increasing the businesses portfolio and trade rather than covering in the kitchen.

We have over 100 apprenticeships available.

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